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About EgyptAir

EgyptAir Airlines is the state-owned flag carrier of Egypt. EgyptAir is also a member of Star Alliance and Arab Air Carriers Organization, its main hub is at Cairo Internationa Airport, where it operates freight services and scheduled passenger services.

In 1931, Alan Muntz, chairman of Airwork, expressed his views regarding starting a new airline company in Egypt, it was named as Misr(Egypt) Airwork, which became the Seventh carrier in the world. Later in 1933, renamed as EgyptAir. EgyptAir has a fleet size of 69 and covered over 67 international destinations and 10 domestic destinations.

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EgyptAir Baggage

  • EgyptAir Airlines' baggage allowances will differ based on the fare class passenger traveling.
  • Passengers traveling in business class can carry two pieces of hand luggage of 8KG, 115CM, on international flights
  • Passengers traveling in business class can carry two pieces of checked baggage of 32KG and 158CM, on international flights.
  • Passengers traveling in economy class can carry one hand luggage of 8KG,115CM and one checked baggage of 23KG and 158CM, on international flights.
  • For economy class passengers the baggage allowances depend according to their fare rules.
  • On domestic flights, business class passengers can carry two pieces of hand luggage of 8KG,115CM, and one checked baggage of 32KG, 158CM.
  • On domestic flights, economy class passengers can carry one piece of hand luggage of 8KG,115CM, and one checked baggage of 23KG,158CM.
  • If the baggage exceeds 32KG, then the baggage is not accepted and will be shipped in the cargo.
  • The baggage fares will depend on the destination passenger traveling and also on their fare class and star alliance membership card.
  • Passengers flying domestically must check-in 60 minutes before the departure and for international flights, 90 minutes before departure.

EgyptAir Check in

  • Airport check-in: Passengers can check-in at the airport and can print their boarding pass. Passengers need to check-in at least 30 minutes before the departure od the flight.
  • Web check-in: Passengers can check-in online/web anywhere and can print the boarding pass, passengers can check-in 48 hours to 90 minutes before the departure of the flight.
  • Mobile check-in: Passengers can check-in in on their mobile devices and can save the boarding pass. Passengers can check-in 24 hours before departure.
  • Automatic check-in: Passengers can automatically check-in when provided with their email id when booking. This process will be taken place 488 hours before the departure.

EgyptAir Food & Beverages

EgyptAir airlines offer a wide range of meals. And passengers with strict diet rules can also be offered onboard without any extra charge.

EgyptAir Flights Online Booking

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