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About Riyadh

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and is the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula. Riyadh is the sixth-most visited city in the Middle East and 49th most visited city in the world. The most populous city in Saudi Arabia is Riyadh, 3rd most populous in the Middle East and the 38th most populous city in Asia. In Arabic, Al-Riyad and the city's name, Riyadh, is derived from the Arabic word Rawdah, which meant gardens and meadows.

Riyadh is the country's economic center and is famous for its shopping centers and mosques. Riyadh became the largest city's employer for conducting the numerous government ministries and public services headquarters in the town. Riyadh is a significant financial, business, and manufacturing center. In the Arab World, Riyadh is the third-largest city. In terms of population, it is one of the world's fast-growing cities.

During the pre-Islamic era, Riyadh settlement sites are called Hajar, and the tribe of Banu Hanifa found it. During the end of the 18th century, Riyadh became a part of the first Saudi State by making Diriyah the capital. Turks destroyed Diriyah and made Riyadh the capital. Even now, some of the features of the city with mud bricks still exist. Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud captured the city in 19 century and established the modern kingdom of Saudi Arabia by making Riyadh the Capital.

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King Khalid International airport in Riyadh, which is located 35 KM from the north of Riyadh. The airport has one of the world's tallest central control towers. King Khalid Airport is the world's largest airport in terms of ground area and is the world's second-largest airport, based on the land area allocated. The airport is the central hub for Saudia and Flynas Airlines. King Khalid Airport has five passenger terminals, and the airport serves both domestic and international destinations.

Famous Foods in Riyadh

The food of Riyadh is the same as the whole of Saudi Arabia. The most popular food in Riyadh is the Shawarma, Kasbah, Sambosa, Kebabs, Felafel, Yughmish, Mutabaq, Batatis, Malabari Paratha, Luqaimat, Kulfi, Lahoh, Sobia, MAntu, Baleela, Manaeesh, Kushari, Haleem, Dajaj Mashwi.

Riyadh Culture

As Riyadh and Saudi Arabia are Muslim countries, their culture is Islamic- a culture with heritage and ancient traditions over the kingdom. The city's customs and traditions are followed very strictly and morally bound to those traditions. Riyadh's festivals include the Riyadh Winter Wonderland, the National Day, and Riyadh's most celebrated festival is the Janadriyah Festival. Riyadh's clothing, for men- no shorts and shouldn't go out without a shirt and should wear modest and appropriate clothes, more like formals. The headscarf and Abaya should cover shoulders and knees for women, better to dress up to ankles. Riyadh is designated as the Global City for its financial hub in the country.

Riyadh Highlights

The popular visiting sites of Riyadh are Center Point, Masmak Fortress, King Abdulaziz Historical Center, King Abdullah Park, Wadi Hanifah, Riyadh Zoo, Murabba Historical Palace, Al Hokair Land, Royal Saudi Air Force Museum, Snow City, King Khalid Grand Mosque, At-Turaif District, Al Bujairi Heritage Park, Al Masmak Palace Museum, Lake Park Namar Dam, Al Batha, Al Rajhi Mosque, Capital Markert Authority Tower, Alkhaimah Theme Park, King Abdullah Road, Safforiland, Heet Cave, Okaz Park, Al Yamamah Palace, Rawdah Park, King Salman Park, Al Ferian Garden, World Sights Park, Baijan Amusement Park, An Nafal Park, Dhahrat Laban Park, Nahd Park, Alsafat Square, Falah Park, Riyadh Boulevard, Sky zone.

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