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About Miami

Miami is a city in the State of Florida of the United States. It is the seventh-largest city in the country and the third-most populous metropolitan city on the east coast of the United States, and the city plays a significant role as the leader of many aspects like arts, finance, commerce, culture, international trade, and Latin America's business capital as an economic powerhouse. The United States is the 12th largest and the largest urban economy in Florida by its metro area. In the world, the best cruise port in Miami, for both passenger traffic and cruise lines. Miami mentions itself as the Cruise Capital of the World. Miami has also summoned the Capital of Latin America. The world's most extensive collection of Art Deco Architecture is in Miami.

Miami is known for many things, mainly its beaches. Miami is a place of heavenly breezy beaches. The greenery of the city is exquisite. Miami is famous for music-live music, the arts, architecture, museums, and galleries, outdoor sports and adventures, shopping around the city, and fun is all over the city. Miami's climate is always pleasant, as it is subtropical, with significantly fewer rains around the year. One of the most extraordinary and exquisite tourist destinations in the world is Miami. Miami can be referred to as an example of Sunny Florida. The Beaches, Lifestyle, arts, parks, and green spaces of the city are the beauty of Miami.

Miami's history starts from the settlement of a tribe of Native Americans called Tequesta’s at the Miami River banks. In the 15th century, European travelers visited the city, and later on, the town was occupied by the Spanish crew and forced the tribe to convert into Christianity, but it was a failed attempt. Later in the 17th century, many native Americans and migrants are brought back to South Florida after the United States land Expansion. Up until the 18th century, Miami was settled as a city but with slow formation due to American history's worst events after Florida's purchase by the United States from Spain. Miami is called the Magic City because its sudden transformation over a year stunned the whole nation.

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Miami International airport is the primary airport in Miami, serving domestic and international destinations to Miami, Florida, United States. The airport is historically called Wilcox Field. The airport is also known as MIA. In the United States, the 13th busiest and the 40th busiest airport by passenger traffic. In terms of international passenger traffic MIA is the 3rd busiest airport in the United States. MIA is a primary getaway to Latin America and also the central hub for American Airlines. There are three terminals at the airport.

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