Passengers on Air India's leased Boeing 777s received eye masks as a result of cabin lighting problems

There have been rumours circulating that the economy class cabin lighting on some Air India Boeing 777 aircraft is malfunctioning. Because of this problem, passengers are now receiving eye masks from staff members. The long-range variant of the aircraft, which Air India just leased to increase capacity, is the main target of the issue.

Constant Light Brightness in the Cabin

A unique problem is being faced by Air India on a few of its Boeing 777 planes. In particular, this aircraft's economy class cabin lights consistently stay on bright during flights, independent of the cabin crew's direction.

Because these planes are usually used for ultra-long-haul flights that last more than 12 hours, passengers may find it uncomfortable to be exposed to such intense lighting for the duration of the journey. As a result, on these specific aircraft, flight attendants have started giving eye masks to all economy passengers.

According to reports, the problem reportedly affects the Boeing 777-200LR aircraft that Air India just leased for a brief period of time. The airline clarified the situation in a circular it released, saying:

"There is a mechanical problem with the economy (EY) cabin lighting system on the rented B777-200 LR. Because of this, the EY cabin lighting has remained in bright mode the whole trip."

Renting 777s Increases Capacity

In order to accomplish its immediate expansion targets, Air India needs aircraft in addition to a sizable order for narrowbody and widebody aircraft. As a result, the airline has leased a number of Boeing 777s that were previously flown by other airlines.

In the last year, Air India has purchased several Boeing 777-300ERs that were previously flown by Etihad Airways as well as five Boeing 777-200LRs from Delta Air Lines. More services to North America and a stronger concentration of the airline's US presence have been made possible by these acquisitions.

These leased aircraft, many of which are used on trips to the US from Mumbai, also have premium cabins that set them apart from Air India's earlier 777s.

Refurbishment of the Cabin

Air India has allocated $400 million towards the commencement of a major fleet refurbishment program. The new management is giving major interior fleet modifications priority since they understand how important it is for the airline to comply with international standards.

For its Boeing 787s, 777s, and Airbus A350 aircraft, Air India recently purchased 22,000 economy and premium economy seats from RECARO Aircraft Seating. The airline revealed updated Boeing 777 cabin furnishings last year, with seats coloured in shades of maroon, grey, brown, and beige.

Moreover, Air India debuted a redesigned in-flight entertainment library for its widebody aircraft earlier this year, with a large assortment of both Indian and foreign films and TV series. Beginning in the middle of 2024, travellers travelling in premium class will also experience newly designed amenity kits that are unique to the airline.

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Passengers on Air India's leased Boeing 777s received eye masks as a result of cabin lighting problems

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